Ciloo’s funding round, led by Alliance VC, has garnered attention from various industry publications. Articles detailing the news have been published on Dutch IT Channel, SaaS News, Silicon Canals, and, highlighting Ciloo’s innovative approach to transforming internal eCommerce for global enterprises.

Our recent funding round has also been documented on Crunchbase, a leading platform for tracking company information, funding rounds, and investment activities.

Securing this investment empowers Ciloo to further our mission of revolutionizing internal eCommerce by facilitating a shift from centralized production to local, on-demand models. Our platform empowers companies to source products locally, significantly reducing carbon emissions, costs, and lead times, while enhancing brand control.

We are committed to serving major corporations across the globe, and our diverse team, spread across ten countries, reflects this commitment. We are thrilled to see our efforts recognized by leading publications and remain dedicated to driving the future of sustainable and efficient internal eCommerce solutions.

About Ciloo

Ciloo is a software company that revolutionizes how global enterprises manage internal eCommerce. By offering a one-stop shop for simplifying payments and enabling local and on-demand production, Ciloo significantly reduces carbon emissions and costs while improving brand control. With a diverse team based in The Netherlands, Norway, UK, Mexico, Pakistan, Malta, North Macedonia, Italy, India and Kenya, Ciloo is poised for global impact. For more information, visit