Brand portal for franchisees and distributors

Empower your global teams with the print and promotional products they need to promote your brand, while you stay in control.

Ciloo for global companies


Boost sales by deploying a centralized portal for distributors or franchisees.

Empower your partners to order sales and marketing materials through a centralized portal.


Allow minor customizations through templates

Local production

Keep costs low with local production. Avoid shipping material all over the world

Approvals and budgets

Set up approval flows and define budgets


Let partners pay with credit cards and invoices. Allocate budgets when sponsoring marketing materials

A central library with smart user management

Empower your teams to order what they need when they need it, produced at the closest location.

Asset Control

Decide who gets access to which folders, and other permissions

Brand consistency

Designs with approved editable areas for global brand compliance

Cost transparency

Display prices in preferred currency, view product price and shipping fee

Production Control

Control who prints what, where and when



Local and on demand production reduces shipping distances and volumes.

Brand Control

Control who produces what, where and when.

Cost Savings

Reduce costs by reducing shipping distances and volumes. Set up approval flows and team budgets.

Partner integrations

Integrate with your ERP and DAM systems and our partner suppliers to streamline the order process.

Resources for sales and marketing teams

Tips and advice for more sustainable management of global print and promo

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