Ciloo for employer branding

Empower your HR teams with the promo and print products needed for new employees or employer branding. Order employee welcome packs on demand, support remote employees with branded products.

Branded_products_for employer_branding_and_recruiting

An organized hub to support recruiting and employer branding

Spend less time managing branded products by giving HR teams access to a hub with the latest material.

One-stop shop

Global portal where your HR teams can order materials

Brand & Cost Control

You can control who orders what, where and when


Allow users to customize by using templates

Approvals and Budgets

Define budgets and set up approval flows

Sustainable and on-demand production of branded products

Empower your HR teams with a sustainable alternative to traditionally carbon heavy print and promo.

Short shipping distances

Production in over 30 countries and counting, shipping to 185 countries

On demand production

No minimum production runs – only order what is needed

Access sustainable forestry

Partner with eco-conscious suppliers with sustainable forestry practices

Reduce waste

Lower your carbon footprint by avoiding excess stock and dated material



Local and on demand production reduces shipping distances and volumes.

Brand Control

Control who produces what, where and when.

Cost Savings

Reduce costs by reducing shipping distances and volumes. Set up approval flows and team budgets.

Partner integrations

Integrate with your ERP and DAM systems and our partner suppliers to streamline the order process.

Resources for HR teams

Find tips and advice to inspire employee loyalty and happiness

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