Many global companies use digital asset management (DAM) systems to share their latest materials with their offices. While the management of digital assets is accounted for, issues arise when it comes to turning these into physical products, with many companies having to deal with brand inconsistencies, subpar quality, substantive overspend, and excessive waste. In this blog post, we’ll explore how one solution is bridging the gap between digital assets and tangible promotional materials in a sustainable and cost effective way.

Do DAMs offer a comprehensive solution? 

Global companies have widely embraced digital asset management solutions (DAMs) to streamline and centralize digital brand assets. Renowned DAM providers like Papirfly, Bynder, Frontify, and Brandfolder by Smartsheet are catering to this $4 billion market, helping corporate giants achieve brand coherence through the management of images, fonts, logos, and other branding materials. However, global companies are still missing control over the materials representing their brand when these digital assets move to print.

Many DAM solutions, despite their innovative approaches, lack support for enterprise e-commerce solutions, causing companies to rely on multiple portals and suppliers to order marketing materials such as business cards, brochures, and flyers. So, no, DAMs on their own will not solve your brand consistency challenges when it comes to physical products, exposing multiple issues:

  • Loss of Brand Control: Each portal would have a distinct source file. Overtime, this leads to inconsistencies and the need for extensive administration 
  • Lack of Cost Control: It is challenging to consolidate and control costs when using multiple suppliers across multiple locations. 
  • Higher Carbon Footprint: In cases where the management of regional portals is decentralized, there is an increased risk for local employees to add products that do not meet the brand’s sustainability guidelines and goals. 
  • Increased Costs: Multiple portals equals higher costs, both to maintain the portals themselves but also to maintain relationships with multiple portal suppliers.

Bridging the gap between digital and physical

The Ciloo platform solves the challenges outlined above by integrating all company branded products into one solution: an easy to use one shop. Ciloo enables global companies to make the most of their DAM system by seamlessly integrating an e-commerce solution module. This allows users to not only access digital assets but also to order them with the simplicity of a click, mirroring the convenience of online shopping. The digital assets are stored in the DAM solution as usual, however users can now order physical products as available on the system or personalized using templates, without any minimum order limits. 

Unlike traditional, fragmented options the Ciloo platform gives back control to the centralized marketing team, with options to control who has permission to access which products, approval flows and budget allocations. The latter is especially valuable for globally distributed sales teams or global companies who work with franchisees and distributors. 

Additionally, the platform allows multiple payment methods, including credit cards, voucher payment, and invoices. Invoice payments can be automatically allocated to the right cost centers and/or billing entities. 

To summarize, global companies enjoy these benefits when they adopt the Ciloo platform: 

  • One stop shop: One global portal for all marketing assets, including the ability to purchase promo and print products
  • Enhanced Brand Control: maintain brand control and brand consistency by centralizing access and permissions
  • Sustainability: Achieve a lower carbon footprint through local and on-demand production, reducing shipping distances and volumes significantly.
  • Seamless Integrations: Integrate effortlessly with ERP and/or single sign-on solutions for smooth payment handling.
  • Efficiency and Time Management: Less time spent managing promo and print equals more time focusing on core business activities.

To wrap up

The Ciloo platform bridges the gap between digital assets and physical products. It enables companies to consolidate multiple portals and suppliers into one sustainable solution without reinventing the wheel. Its seamless integration with brands’ existing ERP, SSO and DAM systems ensures effortless brand control, brand consistency and cost management across countries and locations.

About Ciloo

Since 2008, Ciloo has been at the forefront of providing unified global platforms for managing promotional products. With a portfolio that includes global giants like Flex Technologies (170,000 employees) and Jacobs (60,000 employees), we offer unparalleled experience and expertise in this niche. 

Our platform allows for integrated solutions with core enterprise business systems, ensuring smooth transactions and real-time data analysis. With an already robust network of suppliers across Europe, North America, and Australia, we are actively expanding into Latam, APAC, and Africa. 

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