Global solution for business cards

Increase brand control globally by managing business cards through a single platform.

Manage business cards globally through a single platform

One portal for the entire company, including templates and local production.


Allow minor customizations through templates

Local production

Fast deliveries and lower costs

Approvals and budgets

Set up approval flows and define budgets


Users can pay with invoice or credit card 


Local and on demand production reduces shipping distances and volumes.

Brand Control

Control who produces what, where and when.

Cost Savings

Reduce costs by reducing shipping distances and volumes. Set up approval flows and team budgets.

Partner integrations

Integrate with your ERP and DAM systems and our partner suppliers to streamline the order process.


Tips and advice to fuel growth and sustainability
How to Manage Business Cards Globally

How to Manage Business Cards Globally

Business cards are a pivotal tool in networking, but managing the logistics, especially for multinational corporations, is challenging. Find out how you can ensure brand consistency, content accuracy, and production quality.

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