Finally a way to control merch/promo globally!

Merch, promo, swag, different names for the same, branded physical products. All companies use them, and the market size has passed $80bn globally. However, global companies face numerous challenges when it comes to managing the production of merchandise and promotional material. The traditional model often involves large-scale, centralized production that can result in excess inventory and waste, longer lead times, high transportation costs and print errors, especially when printing for multiple markets in multiple languages. Alternatively, some companies utilize a decentralized system where each region prints or produces their own. This option comes with its own challenges: it is very difficult to maintain brand control across different locations and can also be highly wasteful. 

The Shift to On-demand and Local Production

Consumer preferences are evolving – a survey from McKinsey & Co. found that 66% of all respondents and 75% of millennial respondents say they consider sustainability when they make a purchase. With sustainability so high in consumers’ priorities, many companies are rethinking many of their processes, including how they manage their print and merchandise. 

This has led to a shift towards local and on demand production, a significantly more sustainable option compared to bulk production. This approach allows companies to produce items as they’re needed, minimizing waste and ensuring products are more aligned with current demand. But how can you ensure that your brand guidelines are being met when your posters, flyers, t-shirts and more are being printed at locations across the globe – and how do you manage these multiple suppliers and ensure you’re only putting sustainable merchandise out there?  

One print on demand platform for all, with full brand control. 

Retain brand control on all branded caps, mugs, business cards, hoodies, totes, t-shirts, tumblers, roll ups, pens, polo shirts and brochures for global companies.

Finally, a technological solution is available that allows global companies to manage the production of their branded products (both print and merchandise) sustainably and efficiently, all while ensuring brand control across regions. Let’s call it brand control software, but amplified.

Ciloo is a global production on demand platform for promotional and print products that is equally cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. The platform effectively reduces lead times, allows for customization within templates, and brings operational efficiency to the forefront through a one-stop shop solution, both for companies with an existing Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, and those without. The platform is connected to a robust eco-conscious print network, ensuring consistent, quality prints and merchandise across the globe. Read on to find out how you can ensure brand control and sustainability with Ciloo:

Brand Control 

Maintaining consistent branding across various locations and materials is important – but it can also get difficult. With the Ciloo platform, your teams, wherever they are located, get access to a personalized portal that is as easy to use as any online shop. Administrators within your company can add products and for some of these, even editable templates for easy customization. As an example, an administrator adds a business card template that is in line with all brand guidelines. The user can then edit the template and order business cards in the quantities they need. That order is automatically produced closest to the user, reducing lead times and transportation costs, while also ensuring that the product is fully in line with all brand guidelines. 

Sustainable branded products

Aside from streamlining operations when done through a platform like Ciloo, on demand and local production significantly contributes to your sustainability efforts. The reduction in carbon emissions and waste is substantial compared to traditional mass production methods. Localized, on demand production through the Ciloo platform has the potential of reducing your print-related transportation by 90% and half your print volumes. As we’ve seen above, this shift aligns with growing consumer preferences for environmentally conscious brands. 

Futureproof your print and promo management

Advanced software solutions make it possible to ensure total brand control when printing locally and on demand. This approach allows global companies to efficiently adopt a future-focused approach that has numerous benefits. Brands can achieve greater control over their branded products, respond swiftly to regional marketing needs, and reduce their carbon footprint.

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