Silicon Canals, Benelux and Europe’s leading English-language technology media source, featured Ciloo’s successful fundraise.

“Securing funding marks a significant milestone for Ciloo. It validates our vision and sets the stage for our next phase of growth,” says Richard Benesti, Co-Founder and CEO of Ciloo.

The article highlights Ciloo’s internal ecommerce focus, explaining how the platform enables local production, reduces costs and carbon emissions, and allows for greater brand control. It also noted how the company is already working with multiple global brands, headquartered in the US, DACH region, UK and Australia.

The article quotes Bente Loe, Partner at Alliance VC, the Nordic venture capital firm that led the fundraise: “Ciloo stands at the intersection of technology, sustainability, and commerce. Their platform addresses critical pain points for global enterprises, making them a key player in the future of internal eCommerce.”

Read the full article on Silicon Canals.

Ciloo’s fundraise features on the Dutch tech publication, Silicon Canals.

About Ciloo

Ciloo is a software company that revolutionizes how global enterprises manage internal eCommerce. By offering a one-stop shop for simplifying payments and enabling local and on-demand production, Ciloo significantly reduces carbon emissions and costs while improving brand control. With a diverse team based in The Netherlands, Norway, UK, Mexico, Pakistan, Malta, North Macedonia, Italy, India and Kenya, Ciloo is poised for global impact. For more information, visit