Ciloo culture

Working at ciloo

Our job is to make change. Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them

Seth Godin

People are at the core of everything we do. Every single day, we imagine that our company’s end product is client testimonials. Each action and how we arrive there is nurtured by this mindset. We’re not here for the hustle, half-thought solutions, or production mentality that forgets the human at the core. We’re here for the meaningful. For a positive impact.

In our day-to-day work, we draw inspiration from Shunmyō Masuno’s Zen: The Art of Simple Living. We’ve set up imaginary Torii gates to separate our world at Ciloo from our world at home, the one that gives us sustenance and our ‘why’. When our team crosses the gate, they’re motivated, inspired and ready to achieve. Within this realm, we build mindful, creative and intuitive solutions for global enterprise – all while prioritizing well-being.

Our culture is an antidote to burn out. And this is reflected in the sustainable solutions we deliver to global teams traditionally pressed for time and energy. Our solutions are here to instill calm, delight clients, and get amazing results for them, without compromising the well-being of our own team.

At Ciloo, we value integrity and base much of our work on trust. Our team is remote-first and works asynchronously across time zones. We use the best tools to help us work async, valuing outcomes over hours worked. Awesome outcomes that make life easier for you, your team and your brand.


Ciloo values

These values are the basis and end goal of our work at Ciloo.


We offer reliable solutions that promote calm. We value long-term partnerships with our clients.


We’re human. We stop, empathize and care – what we do goes beyond 1s and 0s.


We strive towards solutions that become stronger under pressure. Smarter solutions, instead of longer hours, automation instead of manual work. It’s the kind of anti-fragility that promotes serenity.


We’re conscious of our planet begging for attention. We limit in-person meetings that require travel and promote and develop solutions that save resources for all clients.


We can hustle, but we prefer a stable balance – we believe it’s more productive and less susceptible to burnout.


Every day is an adventure. We think career, rather than job, and there’s plenty of space for fun and growth in happy, rewarding careers.


Our team works independently and everyone is individually accountable. We meet deadlines and keep our word. Micromanaging isn’t our thing.


We believe there’s a solution for everything – and we persevere until it’s found.


Our fusion of tech and creativity is inspired by minimalism. We deliver solutions and designs that people love to love.


We’re deep thinkers and embrace this as a big plus. Great solutions are often a product of proper, unrushed thinking, so we dedicate time to it.


As a company, we run marathons, not sprints – this means we’re here for the long run.


We’re all for inclusive growth, where everyone benefits and no one’s left behind. We also promote personal growth because we know how good it feels to be on the path that’s right for you.