A happier planet and happier teams

Experience a streamlined, cost effective print and promo management process. Lower your brand’s carbon footprint, and benefit from faster delivery time-frames, quality consistency, and full brand and budget control. There’s a reason top brands trust us.

Benefit # 01

Brand control

A global one stop shop so that you can move away from multiple suppliers and quality inconsistencies. Control who produces what, when and where and download detailed reports on most-ordered items.

  • Global one-stop shop – move away from multiple suppliers
  • Control who produces what, when and where
Benefit # 02

More sustainable production

Lower your company’s carbon footprint with localized, on demand production and track who orders what, where and when to prevent waste. Companies who switch to Ciloo reduce shipping distances by 90% and lower production volumes by up to 50%.
  • Reduce shipping distances up to 90%
  • Reduce volumes up to 50% from on-demand production
  • Reduce carbon emissions from smaller print runs and shorter shipping distances
  • Track who orders what, where and when
Benefit # 03

Cost reductions and cost control

Benefit from shorter shipping distances, lower shipping costs and no customs fees. Control who produces what, where and when and access detailed reporting for enhanced cost control.
  • Reduced shipping costs from shorter shipping distances
  • Customs fees removed
  • Control who produces what, where and when
  • Full reporting
Benefit # 04

Reduced time spent managing print and promo

Automatic cost allocation, reporting on all orders, and an automated process from start to finish. Plus, no customs issues. The Ciloo platform digitizes time-intensive manual processes so that your teams can focus on what matters.
  • No Customs issues
  • Automatic cost allocation
  • Reporting on all orders
  • Digitize time-intensive manual processes


Reduction in print-related transportation

Localized production in 30 countries. Lower carbon emissions from reduced shipping distances.


Reduction in print volumes

Track and control who orders what, where and when. On demand production reduces waste and excess stock.


Reduction in total printing costs

Lower shipping costs, no customs fees, less time spent on manual processes, full reporting and cost control.

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