Global platform for branded products

Manage promo and print through one global platform and increase brand control; lower costs and carbon footprint through local and on-demand production.


Global one-stop shop for branded products

It’s hard to control who produces what, when and where when your teams are spread globally. The Ciloo platform gives you full brand and cost control over your promo and print, with transparent sustainability tracking.

On demand production

Storage space is expensive, as is waste. With on-demand production, your global teams can order what they need when they need it, reducing waste, warehousing costs, and carbon emissions from large production runs.


Local production

Producing all print and promo centrally and distributing it internationally is expensive, delay-prone and carbon heavy. With the Ciloo platform, you can enjoy the benefits of local production in over 30 countries, including reduced lead times, lower shipping costs, no customs issues, and reduced carbon emissions.

Automated cost allocation + local invoicing

Managing budgets and cost centers is time intensive. The Ciloo platform gives you total cost control and automates the process so that orders move faster without the risk of exceeding allocated budgets.

Integrated with your core systems

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. The Ciloo platform seamlessly integrates with your digital asset management system, ERP and SSO: it’s as easy to use as any online store.



Reduction in print-related transportation

Localized production in 30 countries. Lower carbon emissions from reduced shipping distances.


Reduction in print volumes

Track and control who orders what, where and when. On demand production reduces waste and excess stock.


Reduction in total printing costs

Lower shipping costs, no customs fees, less time spent on manual processes, full reporting and cost control.

From environmentally-friendly local production, to seamless integrations with your existing ERP, DAM and SSO systems – the benefits of the Ciloo platform are there for all to see and experience.

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