Internal e-Commerce Solution for the Manufacturing Industry

Easy management of print and promotional material produced locally and on demand. Maintain brand control, reduce costs, and lower your carbon footprint with the Ciloo platform.

The best platform for managing branded products globally

For decades, promo and print workflows have stayed the same. The Ciloo platform makes it easy for global teams to manage and order branded products. Production is done on-demand and locally.


Local and on demand production reduces shipping distances and volumes.

Brand Control

Control who produces what, where and when.

Cost Savings

Reduce costs by reducing shipping distances and volumes. Set up approval flows and team budgets.

One-stop shop for branded products

Best solution for global manufacturing companies

The Ciloo platform is designed to streamline the management of branded products, ensuring sustainability at every step. It is the ideal solution for chemical, automobile, electrical and industrial manufacturing companies with global representation.


Personalize marketing materials for specific regions, add templates, and determine which products are available in which country.

Brand Integrity

Take control of your brand. Ensure consistent brand messaging and product quality across diverse markets 


Decentralized, on demand order and production process, with full centralized control.

Cost Control

Set up approval flows for orders exceeding set amounts. Add multiple billing entities for easy invoicing

Sustainable and on-demand production of branded products

Reduce your environmental impact and get closer to meeting your sustainability goals. 

Local Production

Production in over 30 countries and counting, shipping to 185 countries.

On-demand production

Your employees place the order, and the partner supplier produces it.

Eco conscious

Access a network of eco-conscious suppliers

Reduce waste

Lower your carbon footprint by avoiding excess stock and dated material

Branded products for events, trade shows, conferences and sales meetings

Make it easier for your sales teams to have the latest material without having to carry promo and print in their suitcase.

Local production

Materials are produced at the closest location to the event.


Reduce the complexity of managing global events.

Brand control

Ensure that only the latest, fully approved materials are used.

Order delivery

End to end solution that makes it easy to track all orders. Avoid customs issues and delays. Orders delivered to venue.

Partner integrations

Integrate with your ERP and DAM systems and our partner suppliers to streamline the order process.


Find out how you can streamline the management of branded products globally.

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