Ciloo’s first fundraising round was featured on the renowned Norwegian publication, highlighting our mission to revolutionize internal e-commerce and embrace sustainable practices. 

The feature dives into the heart of Ciloo, exploring our innovative platform that enables local, on demand production of merchandise, welcome packages, and other branded items. 

Shifter acknowledges our commitment to sustainability, recognizing how our local production approach minimizes shipping distances and reduces waste. This translates to a significantly lower carbon footprint for businesses using our platform, making a positive impact on our planet.

The feature highlights our successful first funding round. This investment, led by Alliance VC with participation from prominent angel investors, validates our vision and fuels our growth for the next phase.

Shifter sheds light on our unique company culture, emphasizing our remote-first approach, which allows Ciloo to leverage the power of a diverse and global workforce. We’re a team of 19 talented individuals from 11 countries, and soon growing further.

As quoted in the Shifter article, Ciloo co-founder Christian Sæterhaug states, “Our model makes it possible for people to work for us regardless of where they live.” This commitment to inclusivity and flexibility is not just an internal value, but also a testament to our belief in a more connected and collaborative future.

Read the full Shifter article here.

Ciloo’s first fundraise is featured on the Norwegian publication

About Ciloo

Ciloo is a software company that revolutionizes how global enterprises manage internal eCommerce. By offering a one-stop shop for simplifying payments and enabling local and on-demand production, Ciloo significantly reduces carbon emissions and costs while improving brand control. With a diverse team based in The Netherlands, Norway, UK, Mexico, Pakistan, Malta, North Macedonia, Italy, India and Kenya, Ciloo is poised for global impact. For more information, visit