Rotterdam/Oslo, [15 February 2024] – Ciloo, a software company with Dutch and Norwegian roots, has closed its first fundraise led by Alliance VC to fuel its mission to transform internal eCommerce for global enterprises. The round was joined by angel investors Trond Riieber Knudsen, Andreas Sjolund, Anders Storeng, Petter Skulstad, Magnus Gaarder and Christian Paulsboe.

By facilitating a shift from centralized mass production to local and on-demand production on its platform, Ciloo is set to redefine how companies manage internal eCommerce, promising substantial reductions in carbon emissions, enhanced brand control, and lower costs.

Founded by tech veterans Richard Benesti and Christian Sæterhaug, Ciloo has rapidly emerged as a game-changer in the internal eCommerce space. Large companies are spending millions on internal eCommerce to support activities such as employer branding, sales and marketing, recruitment, loyalty programs and corporate branding. The challenge is that without a global platform, companies end up shipping branded products around the world.

With its digital platform, Ciloo empowers companies to source products for these activities that are produced locally and on-demand, reducing shipping distances, lead times and costs. 

Ciloo Founders Richard Benesti and Christian Sæterhaug
Ciloo Founders Richard Benesti and Christian Sæterhaug

Global Impact and Customer Base

The company prides itself on serving major corporations across multiple industries, many with over 100,000 employees, headquartered in the US, DACH region, UK, and Australia. This global footprint underscores Ciloo’s capability to meet the diverse needs of enterprises worldwide, driving forward the agenda for sustainable and efficient internal eCommerce solutions.

“Securing funding marks a significant milestone for Ciloo. It validates our vision and sets the stage for our next phase of growth,” said Richard Benesti, CEO of Ciloo. “Our platform is not just a tool; it’s a catalyst for change, enabling enterprises to adopt more sustainable practices without compromising on efficiency or brand integrity.”

Bente Loe, Partner at Alliance, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the strategic importance of Ciloo’s solution in today’s market. “Ciloo stands at the intersection of technology, sustainability, and commerce. Their platform addresses critical pain points for global enterprises, making them a key player in the future of internal eCommerce.”

About Ciloo

Ciloo is a software company that revolutionizes how global enterprises manage internal eCommerce. By offering a one-stop shop for simplifying payments and enabling local and on-demand production, Ciloo significantly reduces carbon emissions and costs while improving brand control. With a diverse team based in The Netherlands, Norway, UK, Mexico, Pakistan, Malta, North Macedonia, Italy, India and Kenya, Ciloo is poised for global impact. For more information, visit

About Alliance VC

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