We’re thrilled to announce that, going forward, Ciloo will contribute a percentage of its revenue to the Fundación Angeles de Mascotas, an animal shelter in Mexico.

Customer happiness and satisfaction are key to us and all our products and solutions have this as their end goal. We’re also very aware that a good deed goes a long way. Our give back initiative aims to assist the amazing Elsa Beatriz Hernández Medina and the hundreds of animals she so lovingly cares for on a daily basis. At the end of each work cycle, we will be donating medical equipment to help Elsa build an on-site veterinary clinic at the Fundación Angeles de Mascotas animal shelter in Mexico.

About Elsa Beatriz Hernández Medina

As an only child, animals were always a fond companion for Elsa. Her animal rescues started at a very young age and only intensified as she grew older. Her dream was to foster animals and give them a happy home. Fully supported by her parents, she sheltered animals in a section of their own home. 

When Elsa decided to start an animal shelter, she already had 100 cats. She knew the city didn’t have enough resources to care for so many strays, so she took matters into her own hands. Due to her children’s allergies, she had to move the shelter outside of her house and to the Northern part of the city. The drive there was often punctuated by animal rescues – it became obvious that the issue of strays and injured animals needed attention.

Once retired, instead of traveling the world with her hard-earned savings, Elsa purchased a plot of land and built a dog shelter. Some friends tried to convince her to enjoy her retirement, others fully supported her and even contributed their time and skills to the cause. Together, they designed and built a dog shelter with enough room for 80 dogs to run and be happy. 

Fundación Angeles de Mascotas (Pet Angels Foundation) today

There are currently 110 rescue dogs and 80 cats at the shelter. Another 80 dogs live in Elsa’s home. The cats are older and not up for adoption. The Foundation’s focus is on saving dogs, cats and other stray animals, including injured ones. They also vaccinate all animals as required and pay for surgeries when needed.

Whenever someone is interested in adopting an animal, they’re thoroughly vetted. Making sure that the animals have a safe and happy home is a priority for Elsa. 

The shelter is privately owned and is not sponsored by the government. Elsa and the Foundation rely heavily on donations from people. They organize adoption days, food marathons where people can donate food for the animals, and awareness campaigns in local schools. 

The Foundation is now working towards having an on-site surgery room, where they can carry out sterilizations to prevent an increase in stray animals as well as to appropriately care for injured animals. 

Ciloo’s give back initiative

We’re grateful that we can contribute to Fundación Angeles de Mascotas’ noble cause. A percentage of our revenue has been earmarked for the purchase of medical equipment to help the Foundation achieve its goal of having an on-site surgery room. Of course, we won’t be able to undertake this initiative without our amazing clients who trust us with equally amazing projects!

When your company works with Ciloo, the benefits are two-fold. You’ll not only bring efficiency to a traditionally time-consuming printing process, but you’ll also be supporting a noble cause and helping many stray animals who depend on the public’s generosity to survive!

Learn more about our initiative and what we’ve contributed so far here.