Shipping print and promotional material across the world is challenging – but there is a better way. Many brands rely on multiple suppliers to source their branded products and run into issues when it comes to distributing the products to their final destination. Shipping fees, long delivery timeframes, customs, currency exchange fees, inconsistencies in quality, and delays make managing print and promo at global companies a tough and time-intensive job. In this blog post, we go over the main challenges sales and marketing teams face when procuring and distributing print and promotional items – and offer an alternative that addresses these challenges, as well as keeps the planet top and foremost. Read on to learn more. 

Companies of all sizes ship promotional products to potential and existing clients worldwide. However, shipping print and promotional material across the world is challenging for multiple reasons:

Shipping print and promo across the world is challenging. Localized, on demand production is a great alternative

Increasing shipping costs

One of the main challenges of shipping print and promotional material across the world is the high cost of shipping. Print and promotional products can be bulky and heavy, which increases shipping fees. Depending on the size and weight of the products, shipping fees and customs charges can add up quickly.

The antidote: Localized production + production on demand

Extensive regulations and requirements

Another challenge of shipping print and promotional material across the world is the regulations and requirements that vary from country to country. Each country has its customs clearance and import taxes regulations, which can be complex to navigate centrally. 

The antidote: Again, localized production

Long delivery timeframes

Shipping products across the world can also be time-consuming, which can be a challenge for businesses that require fast turnaround times or have time-sensitive items. Depending on the destination, shipping times can range from a few days to several weeks, and delays can occur due to various factors, such as weather conditions, customs clearance, and transportation disruptions – or, as we’ve experienced recently, a pandemic or a container ship jamming a major waterway. This can lead to lost opportunities and missed deadlines. 

The antidote: Yes, you guessed right: localized production

The negative impact of carbon emissions

Another significant challenge of shipping print and promotional material across the world is the impact on the environment. Transportation is a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, and shipping products across long distances can add to this carbon footprint. Transportation is the fastest growing source of emissions worldwide, accounting for 17% of global greenhouse gas emissions. As companies increasingly focus on reducing their environmental impact, they may rightly seek more sustainable shipping options or opt for local production to reduce their carbon emissions.

The antidote: Localized production (yes, again!) and production on demand to reduce waste

The solution for shipping branded products

Ciloo’s production on demand platform reduces your reliance on global shipping and the vulnerabilities that come with it. Your global teams can order print and promo in the quantities they need when they need them. Each item is produced at a location closest to the delivery address, reducing delivery time-frames, shipping costs, custom fees, and carbon emissions from excess production and long-distance transportation.

In conclusion, shipping branded products across the world presents numerous challenges, including high shipping costs, regulations, and time constraints. In addition, the carbon emissions associated with long-distance transportation can have a negative impact on the environment. At Ciloo, we believe that production on demand is a more sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional printing and shipping methods. With the Ciloo production on demand platform, businesses can save costs, reduce their carbon footprint, and ensure timely delivery of their products. Click here to book a demo.