Trade shows are great for showcasing your brand’s products and services, generate new leads, and build brand awareness. But – they’re also busy! With so many other exhibitors vying for attention, it can be challenging for your stand to stand out. This is why designing brand materials and freebies that make a lasting impression (for all the right reasons) is essential. Here’s how you can do this at every trade show:

Have a clear message

Consider the key benefits and unique selling points of your products or services and craft a message that highlights these features. Feature your message on a quality roll up, banner or poster that catches the attention of those passing by your booth.

rollup banner

Invest in quality branded material

Quality branded material tells potential customers you’re serious about your business and the service or product you’re delivering. Giving out cheaply-made or plastic-heavy items reflects poorly on your company.


Choose the right trade show freebies

Keep your target audience and brand values in mind when choosing branded material and freebies. What would they find useful or interesting? What would create a positive association with your brand? 


Prioritize sustainability

According to new NielsenIQ survey data, 46% of consumers are looking to brands to take the lead on creating sustainable change. Brands that prioritize sustainable practices are more likely to resonate with customers and earn their loyalty. 


Get set for trade show season with Ciloo

The Ciloo platform is a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly one-stop shop for print and merchandise. There’s no need for large print runs – your global teams can order the quantities they need for a specific event. That order is produced closest to the delivery address, reducing transport distances, delivery time frames, and your environmental footprint from participating in trade shows.

With the Ciloo platform, your global sales and marketing teams get access to: 

  • Quality business cards, brochures, posters and roll ups
  • Sustainable forestry notebooks, calendars and diaries
  • Useful and eco-friendly tote bags, tumblers, pens and clothing

And, of course, with all the Ciloo benefits: 

  • On-demand production – no bulk orders and excessive waste
  • Global brand consistency
  • Quick delivery time frames, lower shipping costs
  • Reduced shipping distances, less carbon emissions 
  • Easy to order process, drastically cutting admin time

Take the first step towards easier trade show print and promo management. Get in touch with us for a demo.