You’ve identified the Ciloo platform as the ideal one stop shop for your company’s marketing material. But how do you onboard thousands of users without spending the next weeks focused on just that?

With the Ciloo Registration Flow, we’ve now made it much easier to onboard new users all while adhering to your company’s policies and print budgets. This means that clients who do not have SSO as an authentication method can also onboard users quickly and efficiently.

How it works

The Ciloo Registration Flow simplifies the registration of multiple users at once by allowing you to configure roles and permissions in bulk and in advance. Our Customer Success Managers will collaborate with you to compile a list of employees and assign roles and permissions according to your company’s specific policies. This ties in with Ciloo’s capabilities for conditional content based on user roles. 

  • Specific user roles

The level of permissions attributed to the user, including managing roles

  • Billing entities 

To ensure that the invoice goes to the designated entity

  • Cost Centers

Identify internal groups to track expenses

  • Custom Fields

Any other information you would like to track. 

Our team will provide you with an easy-to-follow template data sheet to align your internal procedures with your new print portal. 

Once roles and permissions are configured, you can invite thousands of users via email, all at one go. The email contains a link for quick registration and the user can start ordering print and merchandise, in line with company policy. This process makes the transition to your print portal fast and efficient.

In Summary

The Ciloo Registration Flow allows predefined or whitelisted users to register on your print store quickly and efficiently. Predefined information (such as shipping, billing and user role) are pre-saved to user accounts. Once the user is approved, they are able to start ordering instantly. 

New to Ciloo?

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