A brand portal is a single point of entry to your company’s digital content. It’s your entire brand, in one place, with assets accessible to those who need them. Many companies are now relying on brand portals to ensure brand consistency and bring efficiency to time-consuming processes. If you’re still unsure what all the hype is about, in this article we’ll go over some of the main benefits of having a brand portal.

But, before we get into that: 

What is a brand portal? 

A brand portal is a resource center for all of your brand’s digital assets. It’s basically giving a safe, secure (and happy) home to your logos, product images, brand advertisements and brand style guidelines, and making them accessible to those who need them. Going even further, the Ciloo print on demand platform then facilitates the global distribution of your latest, approved marketing assets, including sustainably produced print materials and merchandise.

Why does my company need a brand portal?

#1 Helps ensure brand consistency

Consistency builds and sustains relationships with clients and customers. Brand consistency ensures that your brand is easily recognizable across all channels. However, brand consistency isn’t simply the responsibility of the marketing department. Writing for Forbes, William Arruda notes that “every part of the organization has a role to play in branding from research and development to finance to talent development”. Consistency that is generated internally promotes and supports consistency externally. A brand portal allows you to reach your entire organization and your partners and provide them with streamlined, approved assets and guidelines that are the heart of your brand.

#2 Saves you time and resources

A brand portal offers a straightforward access pass to your company’s digital properties. It gives your teams and your clients a “one-stop shopping” experience, creating both more efficiency for the company and convenience for partners to access everything in one place. 

As an example, let’s say a client needs the latest product images to use on their own website. Instead of logging a request with your marketing department, they can simply log into the portal and download the assets they need. This saves time and simplifies processes on both ends – your client can access assets on demand, and your teams can focus on other deliverables. It also ensures that your client is using the latest, approved assets, in line with your current brand guidelines.

#3 Helps protect your digital assets

With a brand portal, you control who has access to your digital assets. External partners can have limited access, depending on their needs. On an internal level, let’s say the Finance Department needs to order new stationery. Instead of browsing through multiple files in your library, they can have access limited to the assets they need or might need. This saves them time, all while ensuring that the right assets are used. It also prevents multiple assets being shared indiscriminately via email and other means.

#4 Simplifies Rebrands and Product Launches

Rebranding is costly and highly incident prone. You want to ensure that your rebranding or a new product launch goes smoothly, without any hiccup, and more importantly, without any of the old branding assets making unwanted appearances on any channel. Simply upload your new assets to the portal, remove access to older ones, and voila, say hello to a very efficient rebrand or launch!

#5 Helps you communicate effectively 

A brand portal streamlines your communication channels, internally and externally and with your final customer. It helps you avoid internal miscommunication, including with new hires as they can access all your guidelines in one place. It also makes it easier to manage crisis communications. Externally, a brand portal promotes healthy relationships with your partners and clients, knowing that they have access to your brand’s assets whenever they need. At the client level, your brand is regarded as dependable and consistent, increasing trust. 

A brand portal can help you manage your most valuable asset — your brand!

Whether you’re a small business owner or a manager in a multinational company, a brand portal is a great way to combine all of your digital assets into one space, helping you attract more clients and create stronger brand recognition and client relationships. Your brand portal will serve as a go-to resource internally and externally, allowing you to communicate the right message consistently, efficiently and effectively.

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